Craig's Mill Trail
Chesterfield, SC

Pee Dee RC&D:

Leaf: Evergreen, with two types of leaves, often on the same tree. Scale leaves 1/16 inch long, dark green, with 4 sides. Awl leaves are more common on young trees, 1/8 to 3/8 inch long, dark blue-green and sharp-pointed.

Flower: Dioecious, but occasionally monoecious; males are yellow-brown, occurring in large groups; females are light blue-green.

Fruit: Berry-like cones, light green in spring, turning dark blue and glaucous at maturity, about 1/4 inch in diameter. Appearing March to May. Maturing September to November.

Twig: Green for several years, covered in scales, later turning brown.

Bark: Red-brown in color, exfoliating in long, fibrous strips, often ashy gray where exposed.

Form: A small tree with a dense pyramidal or columnar crown.

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