Craig's Mill Trail
Chesterfield, SC

Pee Dee RC&D:

Leaf: Alternate, pinnately compound, with 5 (sometimes 7) leaflets. Leaflets are lanceolate and serrate. The rachis is slender and glabrous.

Flower: Male flowers are drooping catkins, with three hanging from one stalk, 2 to 3 inches long. Female flowers are short and found in clusters at the end of the branches. Present April to May.

Fruit: Obovoid to pear-shaped, 1 to 2 inches long, with a thin husk that only partially dehisces upon maturation. The nut is not ribbed and the seed is usually bitter. Ripening in September to October.

Twig: Moderately stout to slender (when compared to the other hickories) and glabrous. Leaf scars are 3-lobed to cordate--best described as a "monkey face". The terminal bud is small and light brown in color.

Bark: The bark on young trees is smooth, soon becoming finely shaggy. The bark on older trees has obvious close interlacing ridges.

Form: A medium-sized tree with a rounded crown and a straight trunk.

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